A JEDBURGH man was spotted by witnesses driving carelessly before crashing his car into a steel fence and leaving the scene, the town’s sheriff court has been told.

Patrick Rodden, 46, of Dounehill, pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention and also failing to report an accident.

A member of the public was walking her dog in Oxnam Road, Jedburgh, when she noted a car straddling the white lines and travelling at speed and revving its engine.

Shortly afterwards another person came across the car which had smashed into a steel fence at the Bountrees junction – the fence being 15 metres from the roadway.

Police were called to the scene with no one present and the vehicle was uplifted.

Rodden later attended at Jedburgh Police Station where he was cautioned and charged and made no reply.

Defence lawyer Ed Hulme said his client had taken his vehicle to a friend’s house but did not recall speeding or revving the engine.

He admitted clipping a kerb and losing control of the car which crashed into the fence.

Mr Hulme said Rodden then decided to go to his friend’s house for a bit of support as he felt intimidated in the area and needed to calm down.

He added that when he and the friend went back a few hours later the car had gone.

Sheriff Robert Fife said Rodden was fortunate to be on a careless charge driving when he could have faced a more serious one.

He imposed fines totalling £500 with a £20 victim surcharge and Rodden’s licence was endorsed with five penalty points.