A MEETING of the Eildon Area Partnership had to be abandoned after not enough councillors attended.

Members logged on for the online gathering on Thursday, March 21.

But due to only two elected members being in attendance the meeting was not quorate and was unable to go ahead.

One of the items on the agenda had been a funding bid in support of the restoration of late 18th century Brunton Fountain in Bowden.

That and other applications will now be considered at a rearranged in-person meeting to be staged at a date in April.

Selkirkshire councillor Elaine Thornton Nichol, the chair, apologised for the necessary cancellation.

She said: “A very warm welcome to everyone who has come into the meeting tonight. Unfortunately we are in the position that we are not quorate as elected members and therefore we would not be able to have a conversation about any of the funding, so we will arrange a special meeting of the Eildon area councillors.

“We can’t go ahead with the meeting, it’s not viable. I can only apologise, it’s just one of those unfortunate situations that occasionally occurs, very rarely, thankfully, in the case of Eildon, but it occurred tonight. So please accept my apologies and you can all gain an hour-and-a-half of your lives back.”