UK drivers have been urged to be aware of potential fines that could incur when they are using their headlights.

Car expert Darren Miller has discussed the issues around headlight glare affecting 90% of drivers.

He also touched on the need for new regulations, current penalties and practical tips for safer driving.

Darren, from, said: "The proposed changes to headlight regulations reflect a necessary response to growing concerns over headlight glare affecting road safety.

"With around 300 collisions from dazzling headlights annually, it's evident that current standards may need to be revised to address this issue. 

“Mandatory automatic headlamp levelling and tighter tolerances would help mitigate the occurrence of glare, prioritising the safety of all road users."

Headlight Glare Issues

"Many drivers face a problem with very bright headlights, with nine in ten expressing concerns about their brightness. A petition supported by 11,000 drivers also urges a review of headlight brightness, signalling widespread public concern.

“Government data has revealed that approximately 300 collisions occur annually where dazzling headlights are a contributing factor, emphasising the urgent need for regulatory intervention.

“From 2021 to 2022, there was a troubling 37% increase in car accidents attributed to dazzling sunlight, highlighting the critical importance of addressing glare-related issues on the roads.

"The proposed changes aim to enforce stricter regulations and conduct independent research to tackle the root causes of driver glare."

Highway code: Unlimited Fine

Darren continued: "Drivers found using full-beam headlights unnecessarily may face penalties ranging from three to nine points on their license, along with an unlimited fine.

"It's important to follow these regulations - only employ front or rear fog lights when visibility is significantly reduced and take their foot off the brake while stationary to minimise glare for following vehicles."

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How to deal with headlight glare

"Regularly checking and realigning headlights is essential for good visibility without causing glare to other road users.

"Additionally, avoiding direct eye contact with oncoming headlights and maintaining focus on the left-hand side of the road can significantly reduce the impact of glare, enhancing overall driving safety," Darren explained.

£2,500 Fine: Wearing tinted glasses or lenses at night

"Although wearing tinted glasses or lenses at night to avoid potential headlight glares may seem like a good idea, it can significantly impair visibility and is a risk to road safety.

"Drivers may incur fines ranging from £1,000 to £2,500, along with three penalty points on their license, for such violations.”