TWO prefabricated Borders homes built in the wake of World War Two are facing demolition – almost 80 years after their intended ‘temporary’ construction.

The properties in Milne Graden, East Main in Coldstream, have long since outlasted their intended lifespan.

They were built in the aftermath of the 1939-45 conflict to address an existing housing shortage.

Also known as Dorran bungalows, the prefabricated properties generally featured pre-cast concrete panels supported by iron pins.

Now a planning bid has been submitted to Scottish Borders Council to demolish the homes and replace them with two of a similar scale.

A report in support of the application, from Milne Graden Limited, says:  “The two existing houses on the site are detached post-war, system-built houses (Dorran or similar construction), which are now well in excess of their expected lifespan.

“It is likely that the houses were erected as an expedient method of providing quick and cost-effective accommodation for farm workers, however, the standard house type does not lend itself to the aspect characteristics of the site, with the front doors at the rear and the rear doors being used as the main entrances.

“The houses are in extremely poor condition with an inherent number of faults, such as missing and loose render to the base-course with the brick behind beginning to decay.”