Galashiels Business Improvement District (BID) has appointed a new project manager.

Mags Fenner will take on the role, focusing on establishing a BID company for the town with the crucial BID ballot expected in November this year.

Once the company is formed, a manager will be appointed to work with businesses and other key stakeholders to implement the BID business plan, delivering initiatives to improve the vitality and vibrancy of Galashiels town centre.

Ms Fenner said: "Of all the BID work I have been involved with, Galashiels has always had a special place in my heart.

"I relish the opportunity to establish a Business Improvement District for the town in 2024. I look forward to reconnecting with familiar faces and meeting those who have set up many of the new businesses, working together to improve the local economy."

Her appointment follows the conclusion of the Build a Better Gala project, an initiative funded by the South of Scotland Enterprise and Scottish Borders Council that carried out several regeneration activities in Galashiels over the last three years.

Lewis Roden, co-chair of BID for Galashiels, said: "Mags' work in 2018, developing a project that would have established a BID company then, had it not been for an anomaly with one of the business's vote, is a testament to her dedication to BIDs and the town.

"There is a demonstrable desire among Galashiels businesses for a business led initiative working for the benefit and betterment of the town.

"A BID is the ideal vehicle for this. Mags will spend the coming months consulting with the town’s businesses and other key strategic partners to develop a BID business plan which will be put to a ballot of the town’s businesses in November."

A business consultation is currently ongoing, allowing everyone with premises within the proposed BID zone to share their thoughts on the project and suggest changes that would benefit their business.