A HAWICK man set up a false profile on social media to befriend two women and then sent them unwanted sexual messages.

Darren Henderson, 29, of Teviot Road, used the name of a man who was known to the women to communicate with them.

But Jedburgh Sheriff Court was told they soon realised that when the conversation turned sexual that the messages were not coming from the man who they thought had friended them.

The electrical engineer pleaded guilty to communicating indecently with the woman and making sexual remarks from his home during December 2021.

He also admitted a second charge of sending unwanted sexual messages to another woman in April 2022.

Prosecutor Drew Long told a previous hearing that Henderson had sent a friend request to a woman in December 2021 using another man’s name and she accepted thinking it was genuine and they began communicating.

But the casual conversation soon became sexual and he propositioned the woman and asked her to come to his house for sex.

Mr Long added: “She realised it was not the person she thought it was and because of that blocked the account.”

He went on to say another woman received a friend request on Snapchat from Henderson using the other man’s name.

Mr Long said: “She recognised the name and accepted but very quickly the messages became sexual and he propositioned her for sex which raised concern and she blocked the account.

“She realised it was not genuine and a subsequent investigation identified Mr Henderson as making this false account and sending messages.”

Henderson was given an 18-month Community Payback Order with supervision.

He was also made subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act for 18 months.