A BORDERS rugby club has said it will go ahead with its 100th sevens tournament after announcing the club's closure last week.

Last week Walkerburn Rugby Club said that with a "heavy heart" the club would close due to a lack of players.

Its annual sevens tournament was also cancelled.

However, yesterday (Monday, April 22) the club revealed that after a surge in public support at a meeting held on April 19 it would go ahead with Walkerburn Sevens as planned.

Sharing to social media, a Walkerburn Rugby Club spokesperson said: "We are sure many of you are aware of our latest post and update on Walkerburn Rugby Club and Annual 7’s.

"Since this post, and as a result of the response from interested parties, we have decided we should review whether we have explored and discussed all possible resolutions to the situation.

"A meeting was held on Friday 19th April in which ex-players, ex-committee and concerned community members attended.

"As a result of the meeting Walkerburn Rugby Club will go ahead and hold its 100th rugby 7’s on a new date of 25th May 2024!"

The club has called on the community to band together to help bring the tournament to life.

The spokesperson added: "We can only do this with the help and support of the local community.

"We need your help in every way shape and form.

"Home baking, time on the day to help set up, manning a variety of stalls for short times throughout the day.

"If you feel you can help in any way, please get in touch with Gregor Scougal 07860 345412 or email walkerburn7s@gmail.com

"We look forward to giving Walkerburn and the rugby community a day to remember!

"The future of Walkerburn Rugby Club will be discussed further over the summer to see how we can take the club forward. With the support of the rugby and local community we hope this will be an exciting close season."