A MOTORIST found sleeping in his car at the side of a remote road in the Borders was more than four times the legal alcohol limit, Selkirk Sheriff Court has been told.

Forty-five-year-old Ricky Lee, of Wellfield Road, Hawick, pleaded guilty to being in charge of a vehicle with a breath/alcohol reading of 93 microgrammes – the legal limit being 22.

The offence happened near the village of Bowden during the early hours of December 9.

Lee also pleaded guilty to being in possession of cannabis at Hawick Police Station after his possessions were searched.

Prosecutor India McLean said police officers were contacted by a member of the public at 11.55pm stating they had witnessed a male appearing to be intoxicated and driving.

Around an hour later police officers came across Lee’s parked vehicle with the accused sitting in the driver’s seat and the engine on.

When they spoke to him he was sluggish and speech slurred.

He was taken to Hawick Police Station where four joints of cannabis were found.

Defence lawyer Liam Alexander said his client claimed he had not been drinking prior to driving.

After an incident with his partner he had decided to go for a drive in his car and picked up some beer and had started drinking.

He had switched the car engine on as he wanted the car heater on.

Sheriff Peter Paterson noted Lee was already serving a three-year disqualification period and felt it would be more effective to impose nine penalty points on his licence.