GUESTS attending a garden barbeque had to run into a house to take cover amid fears they were being repeatedly shot at, Jedburgh Sheriff Court has been told.

Twenty-four-year-old Jacob Woods fired up to a dozen plastic pellets from the window of a neighbouring property in Lovel Court, Hawick, using a BB gun.

The poultry farm agency worker admitted a charge of culpable and reckless conduct last July.

Drew Long, prosecuting, said the people at the barbeque were concerned they were being targeted with children also nearby.

He was cautioned and charged by police and replied that it was just a prank and he was not intentionally shooting at anyone.

Woods was made the subject of a two-year supervision order, banned from keeping similar weapons and ammunition, and given a three-month home curfew.

Passing sentence, Sheriff Derek O'Carroll noted it was Woods' second offence involving a firearm.

He said: "I regard this as a very serious offence and very dangerous conduct.

"I'm puzzled that you thought this was just a laugh."

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick said it was a low-powered weapon bought online for airsoft activities - described in court as being like paintball with pellets.