A POPULAR Borders site has been taken over by camera crews working on a new superhero series.

Leaderfoot Viaduct, near Melrose, has previously been used for part of the latest Indiana Jones film, but is now being used as the set for a new HBO series.

The Franchise is a parody superhero series from the TV network behind The Last of Us and House of The Dragon.

The series is a superhero film parody tells the story of how the crew behind an "unloved franchise movie" fight for their place in a cinematic universe.

The show's longline reads: "The crew of an unloved franchise movie fight for their place in a savage and unruly cinematic universe.

"THE FRANCHISE shines a light on the secret chaos inside the world of superhero moviemaking, to ask the question — how exactly does the cinematic sausage get made?

"Because every f*ck-up has an origin story."

The series is headed by Himesh Patel (Yesterday) as Daniel, Aya Cash (The Boys) as Anita.

Stars of the show, including Richard E. Grant (who plays the character Peter), have been spotted in the Borders for filming.

Photos taken by Border Telegraph Camera Club member Neil Renton show the impressive set-up on the banks of the Tweed under Leaderfoot Viaduct, including large lighting and camera rigs and smoke machines.

Photos also show some of the interesting costumes and make-up which will appear on the series.

No release date has been shared yet.

Amy Gravitt, executive vice president of HBO's programming said: “With a deft touch only he can bring, Sam [Mendes] has brilliantly captured the romance and the reality of filmmaking today.

"Jon [Brown] is superb at sending up worlds we think we already know.

"Together, with Armando [Iannucci], they have delivered a truly hilarious comedy ensemble.

"I can’t wait to see more.”