ON Friday night (May 10) crowds gathered in Lauder to hear who would represent the town as Cornet this summer.

As the clock struck 8pm, Lauder Common Riding chairman Michael Middlemiss introduced Ryan Murray, 31, as Cornet and Standard Bearer for the Royal and Ancient Burgh of Lauder for 2024.

The father of three, who works as a landscape gardener for Musselburgh-based Root One East, will be supported this summer by his Lass, Lara Tice, 25.

On his appointment, Ryan said: "I am overwhelmed with different emotions.

"It's an absolute honour to represent Lauder in this years Common Riding having followed the Common Riding for many years.

"I never knew my time would come but it has, 65 years after my great grandfather, A D Whellans.

"I’m looking forward to being part of it all, having grown up alongside many predecessors within this ancient event, I feel a great summer is coming.

"I’m blessed to have Lara by my side, encouraging me every step of the way.

"I cannot wait to join the other towns and participate in their festivities, it’ll be a privilege to ride in support of their principals.

“Here’s to a fantastic year. Safe Oot, Safe In.”

The couple will also be joined by their fellow principals, Right Hand Supporter Jake Mirley (Cornet 2023) and Left Hand Supporter Elliot Balson (Cornet 2022).