A BORDERS politician is seeking a public meeting to help save a local nursery.

Rachael Hamilton MSP, of the Conservatives, hopes that the meeting will help prevent the closure of Westruther Primary School Nursery.

After meeting with concerned parents, the Borders MSP set up the campaign.

Ms Hamilton said: "I am urgently seeking a public meeting to try and secure the future of the Westruther nursery.

"Parents are disappointed that it has been earmarked to close and concerned about the impact on their childcare arrangements.

"Closing this nursery would make life much more difficult for the many parents who rely on this essential service.

"People are also frustrated that this decision has been made despite no consultation taking place with local residents.

"I would encourage people who oppose this closure to join my campaign to save the nursery and attend the public meeting when it happens."

A spokesperson for Scottish Borders Council (SBC) said that the nursery has not been closed, but has been moved to 'inactive' service due to low numbers of children being enrolled after the summer break.

The spokesperson added: “Two Early Years settings, Westruther Primary School and Fountainhall Primary School,  have not been closed, but have been moved to ‘inactive’ status for session 2024/25 due to very low numbers of children enrolled to attend each of these settings. 

"The enrolment period was taken up until the end of Easter term to allow for any late preferences being expressed but the numbers were too low to ensure the children attending received the high quality experience we require of our settings. 

"All children have been offered their second choice setting and will continue to be able to access their full entitlement of funded early learning and childcare.

"Enrolments will be reviewed next year and if the demand in these areas is sufficient, they will be move back to ‘active’ status."