A ‘BARN again’ bid has been put on Scottish Borders Council’s planning agenda as a proposal for a new farm shop is revealed.

A planning application has been submitted to the local authority for the change of use and conversion of an agricultural shed to a farm shop at Sydenham Farm, at Ednam in Kelso.

Sydenham Farm is an established agricultural enterprise which comprises 180 acres.

The applicants have further agricultural units on Attonburn and Mowhaugh Farms, south of Yetholm.

A report in support of the application says: “All three farms are cattle and sheep enterprises and achieve significant output to market.

“The challenges facing beef, lamb, and mutton production are well documented but include the end of Single Farm Payment support, the necessity of balancing food production with biodiversity enhancement, and changing patterns of food consumption.

“The resultant uncertainty has created a greater requirement for agricultural diversification than ever before.

“The intention of the applicants is to establish a farm shop to sell the produce of their own and other farms local to the Kelso area.

“This will enable retailing directly to local consumers in the Borders and north Northumberland, reducing the reliance of the applicants and other farms supplying produce on supermarkets and the firms they use to deliver their supply chain.

“The diversification specifically targets diversification of the applicants’ farms to achieve greater resilience.”

The bid also incorporates parking space for 16 cars.

The report adds: “The proposal represents business development which would reuse an existing building to deliver farm diversification.

“The proposal would raise no amenity impact on any surrounding uses and avoid the need for erection of a new building.”