FOUR primary schools in the Borders have been rated as ‘perfect’, new research reveals.

More than 80 primary schools across Scotland have been given an ‘A’ grade in a new league table published by The Sunday Times.

The rankings use published data on attainment to mark schools out of 100 on achievements in listening and talking, numeracy, reading and writing.

The researchers then combine the four scores to give every primary school in Scotland a mark out of 400.

This year a total of 84 schools were awarded a perfect score of 400, including some in deprived areas of Scotland – taking into account average income, jobs, health, education, housing, crime and access to local amenities in the schools’ catchment areas.

Here are the four ‘perfect’ Borders’ schools, along with their deprivation index (the percentage of pupils from a deprived background):

  • Burgh Primary School (Galashiels, 10 per cent)
  • Chirnside Primary School (Berwickshire, 10 per cent)
  • Edenside Primary School (Kelso, 10 per cent)
  • West Linton Primary School (10 per cent)

A Sunday Times spokesperson said: “We are always careful to clarify that The Times Scotland Primary School League Table is not ‘Scotland’s schools ranked from best to worst’.

“It presents government data from primary seven, arguably the most important year for pupils preparing for high school, for parents to analyse standards across the 1,250 schools that published reportable results.

“Our aim is to present data in an easily accessible format that parents can understand.”