AN internationally known director, Kirk Jones, and children’s casting director, Pippa Hall, are looking for the star of their next film in Scotland.

Kirk Jones directed Waking Ned Devine and Nanny McPhee and Pippa Hall cast the children in Narnia, Nanny McPhee and found Jamie Bell the lead star in Billy Elliot.

A spokesperson for the film said: "Film details are confidential but they are focusing on the Borders for their search for their next young star.

"Applicants should be male, British-White, aged 11-13 years, with hazel, green or brown eyes and Scottish accent."

The shooting dates for the film are July 15 to August 23.

While no previous acting experience is required any applicants will need consent of their parent/guardian, and contact details will be needed to join the process.

Anyone interested in auditioning should send a photo, their date of birth, height and request a consent form by emailing: