AN INSPECTOR highlighted issues around maintenance and staff deployment at a children’s nursery in Eyemouth.

Reston Primary School Nursery is registered to provide a day care service to a maximum of 22 children from the age of three to entry into primary school.

A representative of the Care Inspectorate made an unannounced visit to the Scottish Borders Council-run school on April 22.

The key messages were that children experienced a warm and respectful atmosphere and that staff worked pro-actively with children, families and other professionals to help build the resilience of the children.

But the report called on the provider to address “maintenance issues”, which included the removal of cleaning items and spare clothes from the changing area and the need for heaters within a playroom to be cleaned.

The requirement for an additional member of staff to ensure children’s safety and well-being was also highlighted.

The report rated the nursery ‘good’ for its leadership and ‘adequate’ in three other categories – how good is the care, play and learning, the quality of its setting and of its staff team.

The report states: “To ensure children’s safety and well-being needs are met, we identified some areas of the environment that need to be addressed as soon as possible.

“This included the removal of cleaning items and spare clothes from the changing area. The gate at the entrance door should be heightened and the heaters within the playroom cleaned.

“We also asked that the provider review the space within the annexe, including the cloakroom area. This would ensure it meets the care and well-being needs of the children who are expected to attend the next session.

“The provider informed us that these issues will be dealt with as soon as possible.”

Further assurances have also been made by the council on issues around staff deployment that were raised.

The report states: “The staff team were warm, welcoming and caring, and there was a positive ethos throughout the nursery.

“Whilst we found that adult to child ratios were met there were times when the deployment of staff impacted on the effective supervision of children, for example when staff left the playroom to change a child.

“The local authority has assured the Care Inspectorate that an additional member of staff would be made available to the service, meaning that children’s safety, well-being and overall learning and childcare experience would not be compromised.”

A spokesperson for Scottish Borders Council (SBC) said: “Following a recent Care Inspectorate report on Reston Primary School Nursery, a small number of areas were highlighted for improvement. SBC can confirm that these have now been addressed or are in progress of being resolved.”