THERE were some fabulous costumes on display at this year's Tweedbank Fair.

Here are the results from the fancy dress competition and some photos of the amazing creations.

Congratulations to all of this year's winners!

Community Groups

  • 1st –Tweedbank ELC, Disney Turning 101
  • 2nd – Tweedbank Early Learners, Tweedbank Marvels
  • 3rd –Tweedbank Primary 1, Gladiators

Pre School (Individual)

  • 1st – Joey Hughes, Pinocchio
  • 2nd – Grayson Hughes, Motorbike Racer
  • 3rd – Sonny Hardie, Sonny on a Bear Hunt

P1-3 (Individual)

  • 1st – Anna, Jasmine
  • 2nd – Fergus Foster, Underman
  • 3rd – Jamie, Tweedbank Scorpion

P4-7 (Individual)

  • 1st – Toby Fraser, Toby’s Toys
  • 2nd –Lacey Green, A Bag of Jelly Beans
  • 3rd – Reuben Cowan, Jareth from Labyrinth

Adults (Individual)

  • 1st – Archie, Birdman


  • 1st – Kacey Hogg/Eden Wilkinson, Oompa Loompas
  • 2nd – Laila White/Chloe Hamilton, Tweedbank is Still Game
  • 3rd – Harper Cleland/Halle Veitch, The Black & White Swan


  • 1st – Lucy and Holly Begley, Charlotte Grant, Ava Horsman, Maisie and Abby Brown, Fair Day: All the fun of the Fair
  • 2nd – Alissa, Georgie, Hannah, Matthew, Brendon, Halle, Tweed Barbie: Let’s go Party
  • 3rd – Lewis, Finlay, Murray, Aaron & Corey, Tweedbank Upside Down