IT has been a great week so far for the Whipman celebrations in West Linton.

And while events have continued this weekend, we have rounded up some of the results from the beginning of Whipman Week.

For more photos of a number of the events in West Linton this week, pick up a copy of the Peeblesshire News.

Friday, June 31

Float Parade

  • Best Dressed Adult’s Float –1st Garvald
  • Best Dressed Children’s Float – 1st West Linton Primary School ELC as The Greatest Showman; 2nd Whizzpoppers; 3rd West Linton P7 as P7 Celebrities
  • Best Dressed Walking Float – 1st Pre-School Community Children as Cheese & Wine Party; 2nd Newlands Primary School as Newlands Olympics
  • Cochrane Cup for the Best Dressed Float Winner – The Greatest Showman
  • Edwards Trophy for the Best Dressed Walking Float Winner – Cheese & Wine Party
  • A & C Weir Shield for the Best Dressed House or Shop Front – 1st J & R Bell (Shaz); 2nd Chemist; 3rd equal Post Office and Natalie Hepworth

Saturday, June 1

Children’s Fancy Dress

  • Best dressed child under 3 years – 1st Thomas Holmes; 2nd Freddie Flanders; 3rd Ivy Pettit
  • Best Dressed Child 3-5 years – 1st Beatrice Baker; 2nd Isla Gibbs; Joint 3rd William McDonald and Noah McIntosh
  • Best Dressed child 5-6 years old – 1st Theo Kluskiewicz; 2nd Archie Gibbs; Joint 3rd Sam Holmes and Cameron Baker
  • Best dressed child 7-8 years –1st Louise Peppe; 2nd Leo Wardhaugh; Joint 3rd Cally Hutchison and Ben Holmes
  • Best dressed child 9-11 years old – 1st Callan Gibbs
  • Best Dressed child 12-15 years – 1st Patrick Haynes; 2nd Ava
  • Couple or group under 5s (not in school) – 1st Lindsay Robinson
  • Couple or group 5-8 years –1st Joe and Gregor; 2nd Logan, Archie and Isla; 3rd Freya and Anna
  • Couple or group 9-11 years – 1st Hugo, Alex, Jack, Charlie and Jamie; 2nd Ailish and Helen
  • Best dressed visitor – Joint 1st Violet and Bryony
  • Carnival Cup for best individual overall – Patrick Haynes as Dalek
  • Cooper Cup for class 5 winner – Callan Gibbs as The Warde Minecraft
  • Broomlee Cup to best couple or group – Hugo, Alex, Jack, Charlie and Jamie as Dungeons and Dragons

Adult Ride Out

  • 1803 Whipman Trophy donated by Bobby Dow – Gregor Brown
  • Waterston Trophy: Sashes Race – Amy Mill
  • Bank of Scotland Trophy: Open Race – Rianna Sterricks
  • Ian Morrison Memorial Flask donated by Jacqui Morrison – Rosie Dykes
  • Lethbridge Cup for 1st Rider on Hired Horse donated by Frank Lethbridge – Skye Bonnar

Sunday, June 2

Adult 5-a-side Football

  • Whipman 5’s Winners 2024 – Gala Fairydean Rovers
  • Runners up – Autism All Stars FC

Adult Cycle event

  • Men – 1st Rob Norris; 2nd Tanny Gill; 3rd Callum Ross
  • Women – 1st Morag Everest
  • Lyall Robertson Quaich Winner – Rob Norris
  • Sheila Black Ladies Cycle Trophy Winner – Morag Everest

Dog Show

  • Any variety Puppy (must be over 6 months old) –1st Dionne Burns with Brodie (Cocker Spaniel); 2nd Gillian Patrascu with Harris (Labrador); 3rd Kate McMillan with Edith (Miniature Dachshund); 4th Naomi Ambrose with Peggy (Miniature Dachshund)
  • Any variety Gun Dog –1st Gavin Brown with Tess (Cocker Spaniel); 2nd Vicki Davitt with Habhain (Cocker Spaniel); 3rd Amelia Heath with Harvey (Labrador); 4th Isabella Whitlow with Dexter (Labrador)
  • Any variety Working or Pastoral –1st Orla Forsyth with Roe (Springer Spaniel); 2nd Logan McKay with Lux (Border Collie); 3rd Davie Gilchrist with Meg (Border Collie); 4th Davie Gilchrist with Blue (Border Collie)
  • Any variety Terrier or Toy – 1st David Brotchie with Rocky (West Highland Terrier); 2nd Laura Mark with Rose (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel); 3rd Eilidh Kay with Rogue (Fell Terrier)
  • Any variety Utility or Hound – 1st Benji Wakelin-Grant with Toby (Hound); 2nd May Sinclair with Blue (Greyhound)
  • Any variety Crossbreed – 1st Thomas Frame with Nala (Labradoodle); 2nd Gordon Weston with Barney (Sprollie); 3rd Saran Hanson with Bella (Australian labradoodle); 4th Lisa Carter with Harley (Cockapoo)
  • Best Veteran (7 years old plus) – 1st Dale Archibald with Jackson (Border Collie); 2nd Karina Leahy with Hamish (Bernise Mountain Dog); 3rd Laura Dixon with Betty (Galgo cross); 4th Gail Neill with Harry (Long haired miniature dachshund)
  • Dog most like its owner – Gavin Brown with Tess (Cocker Spaniel)
  • Waggiest Tail – Vickie Davitt with Habhain (Cocker Spaniel)
  • Best Trick - Emma Wood with Naula (Crossbreed)
  • Dog the judge would most like to take home – Max Mark with Rosie (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
  • Best in show – Gavin Brown with Tess (Cocker Spaniel)
  • Reserve – Benji Wakelin-Grant with Toby (Hound)

Monday, June 3

Junior Football

  • Winners of the Abernethy Trophy – Oscar Lagrange, James Gillie, Joseph Bennett, Ellis McInally, Alex Hughes, Vincent Haworth

Junior Netball

  • Winners – Ruby Walker, Paige Hartson. Bo Anderson, Penny Humphries, India Gill, Connie Knox, Stephanie Hartson, Maisie McCullough, Isla McInnally, Lucy Hall


  • Up to Nursery Girls – 1st Libby Foster; 2nd Emily and Katie Marshal
  • Up to Nursery Boys – 1st Gregor Calder; 2nd Jasper August; 3rd Freddie Forsyth
  • Pre-School Girls – 1st Emily Rockey; 2nd Charlotte Murgatroyd; 3rd Molly Forsyth
  • Pre-School Boys – 1st Elliot August; 2nd Campbell Wright; 3rd Matthew Marshal
  • P1 Girls – 1st Amelia Quinn Macrae; 2nd Lennix Wright; 3rd Zoe Bennett
  • P1 Boys – 1st Callan Calder
  • P2 Girls – 1st Violet Rinaldi; 2nd Esme McHendry; 3rd Elise Pollock
  • P2 Boys – 1st Archie Gibbs; 2nd Finlay August; 3rd Sam Holmes
  • P3 Girls – 1st Rose Hodgson
  • P3 Boys – 1st Sammy Rockey; 2nd Luke Shelley; 3rd Finny Hill
  • P4 Girls – 1st Abbie James; 2nd Louise Peppe; 3rd Rose Fraser
  • P5 Girls – 1st Lily Mae Macrae
  • P5 Boys – 1st Seb Rinaldi; 2nd Connor Hill
  • P6 Boys – 1st Ellis McInally; 2nd Ewan Brown; 3rd Max Fraser
  • P7 Girls – 1st India Gill
  • P7 Boys – 1st Joe Fraser; 2nd Ben Stenhouse
  • S1–age 14 Girls – 1st Marianna Bennett
  • S1-age 14 Boys – 1st James Gillies; 2nd Finlay Clements


  • Up to Nursery Girls – 1st Katie Marshal
  • Pre-School Girls – 1st Emily Scott; 2nd Beatrice Sesada; 3rd Joanna Meikle
  • Pre-School Boys – 1st Toby Armstrong; 2nd Archie Forsyth; 3rd Rory Pollock
  • P1 Girls – 1st Lennix Wright; 2nd Juliette Armstrong; 3rd Maisie Anderson
  • P1 Boys – 1st Milo Hewitt; 2nd Odin Anderson; 3rd Oscar Gilchrist
  • P2 Girls – 1st Bella Foster; 2nd Violet Rinaldi; 3rd Issy Mark
  • P2 Boys – 1st Finlay Lumsden; 2nd Archie Gibb
  • P3 Girls – 1st Maddy Armstrong; 2nd Rose Hodgson; 3rd Matilda Hewitt
  • P3 Boys – 1st Finny Hill; 2nd Sam Palmer; 3rd Sam M
  • P4 Girls – 1st Arti Gill; 2nd Rose Fraser; 3rd Abbie James
  • P4 Boys – 1st Callan Gill; 2nd Dimitri Hepworth
  • P5 Girls – 1st Lily Mae Macrae
  • P5 Boys – 1st Seb Rinaldi; 2nd Connor Hill
  • P6 Boys – 1st Ellis McInally; 2nd Max Fraser; 3rd Jamie Peppe
  • P7 Girls – 1st Ester Hepworth; 2nd India Gill
  • P7 Boys – 1st Joe Fraser; 2nd Ben Stenhouse
  • S1-age 14 Boys – 1st James Gillies; 2nd Finlay Clements