FOUR-AND-A-HALF thousand dogs are to converge on the region this weekend.

Organisers of the Border Union Agricultural Society (BUAS) Championship Dog Show are delighted with this year’s entry.

Exhibitors from all over the UK and Ireland, and even Europe, are preparing to travel to Springwood Park in Kelso for the show.

An excellent entry of just over a thousand gundogs, more than 450 terriers, and just under a thousand working and pastoral dogs, together with almost any breed you can think of, will be competing over two days for the chance to win the top award of Best in Show.

‘Border’ Breeds are well represented too – 87 Border Collies will be judged on Saturday and 107 Border Terriers and 37 Dandie Dinmont Terriers will be competing on Sunday.

One of only three general Championship Dog shows in Scotland, a win in certain classes rewards the proud owner and dog with a chance to compete at Crufts 2025.

During the two days, more than a hundred different breeds of dog will be competing starting at 9am on Saturday morning with dogs representing the working, pastoral, toy and utility groups.

Judging of the gundog, hound and terrier groups takes place on Sunday, again from 9am, with the grand finale of Best in Show being staged around 5pm on Sunday afternoon.

The show is tremendously popular with all exhibitors, many of whom make the trip to Kelso with their caravans, to enjoy a holiday week in the Borders town.

In addition to watching the competitions, visitors are again able to bring along their own dogs to attend the show.

“We believe this will be very popular with the many local visitors who come to the show,” said Euan Castel, secretary of the Canine Section. “Dogs need to be over four months, and all the owner needs to do is to confirm the pet has been vaccinated.”

Also on display will be a large number of trade stands with a wide range of dog foods, dog coats, dog-grooming products, special dog baths and even herbal remedies for dogs.

Spectators are well catered for, with a wide range of food and drink available throughout the day on the showfield.

The show promises to be an interesting and entertaining weekend for all. Car parking is free and admission is only £5.

Visitor tickets can be booked in advance at tickets-845889607587

More information can be found at /ends