A GALASHIELS teacher has swapped PE for a pen and released his third book.

Craig Andrew Mooney usually spends his days coaching sport to youngsters at Langlee, Balmoral and Glendinning primary schools.

But the 24-year-old, who is originally from Dundee, has decided to write a murder mystery after watching Agatha Christie dramas on TV.

Craig told the Border Telegraph: “My new book is called ‘The Condemned’ and it is my third book I have written.

“The story has been inspired by Agatha Christie, after I read one of her novels a while ago.

“I just loved the complex and intricate plot, so I began to watch the TV programmes and films and I just found it so fascinating.

“I have already tried my hand at different genres such as comedy and thriller and want to try and do as much as I can and cover a range of topics.”

In his new novel, which is available as an ebook from Amazon, Detective Inspector John Cutler is forced to revisit his first murder case as a lead detective, when the person he sent to be hanged requests a meeting that changes everything. And Craig has already received rave reviews for his murder mystery, with sales reaching triple digits – despite only being released earlier this month. He added: “I have been using Facebook to try and promote The Condemned, and it has been going quite well.

“The reaction, on the whole, has generally been good, and there has already been some good reviews sent to me, which is great to see.

“I have already started working on a sequel.

“It’s great to see the book on Amazon and on the Kindle store and I just want to keep writing.

“As I say, my aim is to write as many different stories as I can and cover as many different genres.”

The Condemned, by C.A. Mooney is available online and through the Amazon Kindle at £1.99.

To buy the book, visit: www.amazon.co.uk