A JOURNALIST from the Borders caught up in the terrorist attacks in Paris which killed 130 people has vowed to defy the terror threat by continuing to live her life as normal.

Thirty-six-year-old broadcaster Halla Mohieddeen, the star of English language TV channel France24, lost a colleague in the slaughter by Islamic extremists earlier this month.

However, she revealed she is determined to stay in Paris and has no plans to leave the city she now calls home.

Halla, from Blainslie, said: “I’m determined to stay. There are more checks in place and you see a lot more police on the street, as well as a heightened military presence. But I do feel safe.

“If you look at it logically, you have more chance of being run over by a bus than killed in a terrorist attack. You can’t make your life completely secure.

“I can lock myself in the house or get out and live my life and enjoy it – that’s what I’ve chosen to do.”

The former Earlston High School pupil and friends raised a glass in the freezing cold to salute those who lost their lives – including 37-year-old France24 cameraman Mathieu Hoche, who died in the massacre at Bataclan concert hall.

“It’s absolutely freezing here but we sat outside on the terrace, just to spite whoever may theoretically may be attempting another attack.

“We were sitting with our gloves on, clutching our drinks, but determined to stay there.

“We’re now almost turning into a bit of a joke and see it as us doing our bit to fight terrorism by sitting getting tipsy on terraces.

“It’s us trying to get a bit of levity – daily life is turning into the fight against terror.

“I can’t imagine living in Paris without having a restaurant to go to or a glass of wine. These are the things that make the city great and we’re determined not to lose those things.”

Her own neighbourhood is just minutes away from Saint Denis, where anti-terror police raided a flat for terror suspects five days after the co-ordinated attacks.

Halla, who started her media career in Beijing, where she presented the weather to more than 85million viewers worldwide, reported on the Charlie Hebdo attack in January for France24.

She added: “I’m working this Christmas so my family are coming to spend it here. My brother has joked that even celebrating Christmas is now a little act of defiance against terrorism.”

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