A ROMANTIC hospital worker from Earlston used a little magic to propose to his Harry Potter-fan girlfriend.

Radiographer Graeme Tait not only went down on one knee next the iconic 'Hogwarts Express' viaduct, but he also had a specially made headplate attached to the world-famous steam engine.

And anaesthetist girlfriend Sophie Irwin said YES.

The couple met just over two years ago while working at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey.

Sophie's spell took hold as they snuggled up to watch The Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets.

Earlier this year Graeme bought the ring and began planning his marriage proposal as part of a two-week tour of the Highlands - which was to include a ride on the Harry Potter-famed Jacobite steam train.

Stunned Sophie told us: "Graeme had suggested that the day before getting on the train we should go watch it go across the viaduct.

"I am quite a Harry Potter fan and had always loved the romance of travelling by steam.

"We had arrived with plenty of time to find the right spot to take photos.

"Prior to the train's arrival Graeme asked what I thought the front of the train would say, I said that it would say 'The Jacobite', like normal.

"The train then went very slowly across the viaduct.

"Much to my surprise whilst the train went slowly passed us across the viaduct there was a special message on the head plate of the train.

"Instead of it saying The Jacobite, there was a special message on it saying, Sophie Marry Me."

The Glenfinnan Viaduct and The Jacobite steam train featured in both the Chambers of Secret and the Prisoner of Azkaban films.

And it has become a firm favourite with fans of the JK Rowling stories.

Months ahead of their trip to the Highlands Graeme, who now lives in Esher, contacted West Coast Rail to seek permission for his proposal plans.

Following confirmation, a company in Yorkshire was able to produce an authentic headplate with his special Marry Me Sophie wording.

Passengers aboard the Fort William to Mallaig steam train were told of Graeme's plans before reaching the viaduct.

And many clambered for a look out the windows at the romantic couple.

Sophie added: "They had made an announcement on the train just before it went past us.

"I turned around to find Graeme on one knee with a beautiful ring.

"The passengers on the train were hanging out the windows shouting congratulations.

"Our head plate stayed on the train all the way to Malling and also on its return journey to Fort William."

The happy couple were presented with photographs taken from the train when they boarded the 'Hogwarts Express' the following day.