A STORY from 100 years ago has brought back memories for two Border Telegraph readers.

On our 'Looking Back' page in our edition on Wednesday, October 4, we shared the story from 1907 of Mr John Thin, who moved to the farm of Upper Keith in East Lothian from Ferniehurst in Stow.

Eagle-eyed reader Ronald Ireland, from Peebles, spotted the story and got in touch with us.

He said: "John Thin was my grandfather. The “Misses Thin”, mentioned as being present, were my aunt who became Mrs John Dun and my mother, who became Mrs George Ireland. Four of his grandchildren are still alive. Three, including myself still live in the Borders.

"Although he died many years before I was born, the portrait with he was presented, which was by one of the best known Scottish artists of the day, has been known to me from my earliest years, as it hung in my parents’ home.

"It still remains in the family and is in my late brother’s house in Bearsden."

Meanwhile in Melrose, John Dun - a relative of John Thin, helped to piece together more his history, with a photo of him, believed to be taken in 1938.