THE region's largest social landlord has vowed to tidy up a street in Langlee.

And they will also fix a broken entrance leading to a frail pensioner's home.

George Collins has spent the past six weeks complaining about a vandalised door in Woodstock Avenue.

And he's also attempted to have a growing mountain of rubbish uplifted from outside his ground-floor flat.

But his complaints to Scottish Borders Housing Association and Scottish Borders Council haven't led to any action.

The 86-year-old told the Border Telegraph: "It took a long time for the door to our flats to be properly installed last year - we had to wait months without an entry system and people were knocking on my window to let them in.

"The same door is now broken and is hanging off - there are leaves all over our hallway and stairs, and the wind just howls in.

"My flat is freezing just now, even with the heating on."

George has also hit out at discarded rubbish around his home.

Local authority officials have visited the Langlee flats to review where wheely bins are stored.

But nobody has removed the flytipping.

George added: "I phone them every week as well.

"They came and had a look then just left without cleaning up the rubbish.

"The bins fill up quickly and people are just dumping their rubbish anywhere."

We contacted both Scottish Borders Housing Association and Scottish Borders Council regarding the Woodstock woes.

And bosses at the Selkirk-based housing provider vowed to take immediate action.

A spokeswoman said: " The Border Telegraph raised the issue with SBHA of a build up of rubbish on the estate particularly following the missed refuse uplift due to the heavy snow.

"SBHA has arranged for any fly-tipping to be removed in the area today and will be working closely with Scottish Borders Council to resolve any future litter issues.

"As part of our commitment to work in the community, SBHA invite tenants to meet our staff and tell us what they want to improve in their area by getting involved in our estate inspection programme.

"We’re pleased that Mr Collins has taken the time to provide us with valuable feedback.

"He raised the problem of repeated vandalism to his block’s security front door and SBHA have let him know that the specialist supplier has been instructed to repair it."

SBHA bosses carry out regular walkabouts in Langlee to give residents the opportunity to raise issues such as fly-tipping and vandalism.

The next planned walkabout will meet at Winston Road on Thursday, February 22 at 2pm.

All SBHA tenants are invited to take part.

Scottish Borders Council said it will look at the fly-tipping issue around Mr Collins' home.

A spokesperson said: "We are aware of flytipping in the area, and will be investigating this issue.”