FOLLOWING the success of a pilot course in Kelso last March and April, a local social enterprise is now offering free mindfulnesses courses in Galashiels and Hawick as well as Kelso during August and September.

The free eight week Mindfulness Living courses are intended by Peer 2 Peer Mindfulness to be offered each year to ensure that financial ability is not an obstacle to someone receiving the benefits.

Mindfulness practitioners learn to be aware of the present moment, instead of worrying about the past or future events in their lives.

Mindfulness can bring calmness to the mind, increase resilience, and improve the emotional wellbeing of those who practice it.

Brian Turnbull, founder of Peer 2 Peer Mindfulness, told the Border Telegraph: “A few years back I got enormous benefits from mindfulness when I went through a personal crisis, similar to what many people do, and decided I was going to learn how to teach mindfulness so that others could also benefit.

"I was fortunate that I had the financial ability to go on a mindfulness course when I needed it and I am conscious of how my present circumstances could have been very much different if I hadn’t had that ability.

"Consequently, as my way of paying-back I decided that I would offer free courses so that financial ability would not be an obstacle to someone else receiving the benefits of mindfulness.”

The eight-week Hawick courses begin on Wednesday, August 2 at the Evergreen Hall from 7pm.

And the first Galashiels course is on Friday, August 4 at the Focus Centre, also at 7pm.

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