THE driver of a bus which was left hanging over the side of a river has been charged with dangerous driving, writes Martin MacDonald.

Police have been investigating the circumstances of the crash, which resulted in a single-decker bus crashing into a wall before hanging precariously over the Jed Water.

Images of the stricken vehicle gained national media attention in the aftermath of the crash on October 13.

A Police Scotland spokesperson confirmed that charges have now been brought against the driver.

They said: “ Extensive examination of the vehicle and enquiries were carried out, resulting in the driver being charged with dangerous driving.

“A report has been submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.”

The bus, operated by local company Peter Hogg, careered out of control on the town's Cannongate before hitting a wall, leaving the road and ploughing down an embankment.

Potentially tragic consequences were averted when the vehicle ground to a halt after striking a metal barrier.

No injuries occurred during the incident but occupants and local residents were left shaken by events.

Bridget Lamont, who witnessed the terrifying crash, spoke to the Border Telegraph.

She said: "It seemed to miss the garden and it went down the bank towards the river."