A WARD at Kelso Community Hospital remains closed today after an outbreak of the winter vomiting virus.

There will be no new admissions accepted at the 23-bed inpatient ward due to the confirmed presence of norovirus.

The situation is being monitored and managed by NHS Borders Infection Prevention and Control Team with support from frontline colleagues.

Alasdair Pattinson, General Manager for Primary and Community Services, told us: “Norovirus has been confirmed in Kelso Hospital and is circulating around the community.

"In order to safeguard vulnerable patients and support our efforts to limit the spread of this highly infectious virus, we continue to ask members of the public to carefully consider their visits to community hospitals and the Borders General Hospital.

"This advice is particularly relevant to anyone who has experienced diahorrea and vomiting symptoms in the past 48 hours.”

A recent outbreak at Borders General Hospital also led to a ward being closed.

And experts are advising everyone takes precautions.

Dr Ed James, Consultant Microbiologist said: “Norovirus is one of the most common causes of diarrhoea and vomiting illness. It is very infectious and spreads quickly between people.

"This is why outbreaks happen in hospitals where a number of people are sharing facilities. However it doesn’t just occur in hospitals, and can start abruptly and spread quickly through communities. 

“It is vital to protect yourselves and your loved ones from catching this unpleasant virus.

"Patients, visitors and staff can help minimise the spread by complying with instructions given by staff and paying attention to the signs at the entrances to the hospital and wards.”