POLICE are clamping down on motorists who flout parking rules in Kelso.

Vehicles have been found parked on the east side of Bridge Street in the town, an area covered by a single yellow line and single yellow kerb markings.

Concerns have been raised with officers regarding the obstruction caused, which is said to be affecting other road users.

In a statement, Police Scotland said: "The opposite side of the street (Ednam House) is currently set out for parking and therefore parking on the single yellow line is creating a single lane for traffic.

"We continue to monitor the area and have recently issued a number of tickets to vehicles found to be parked here, however we’re also working to educate drivers on the legislation and rules surrounding parking on a single yellow line.

"It is an offence to park on a single yellow line between a specified period of time, which in this case is between the hours of 8am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

"If a vehicle is found to be parked on a single yellow line in Kelso at any point during this timeframe, a parking ticket can be issued by Police Scotland.

They added: "A vehicle displaying a disabled badge is permitted to park on a single yellow line, but not when this results in an obstruction to other road users.

"Using Bridge Street as an example - if a vehicle is already parked there, another car would add to any obstruction by also parking there and therefore a disabled badge holder would not be permitted to park on the single yellow line at that time.

"It should also be highlighted that parking a vehicle in any manner which causes an obstruction to other road users or pedestrians is an offence, at any time of the day or night.

"Parking on a double yellow line is prohibited at all times.

"Parking in Kelso town centre is limited to two hours, which allows a constant flow of traffic and therefore access to shops."

The advice hopes to improve parking for all road users and result in less tickets being issued.

For more on the rules around parking, visit www.gov.uk/guidance/the-highway-code