James Slack, Boris Johnson's former director of communications, is the latest name making headlines in the Downing Street partygate scandal.

Two parties on the eve of Prince Philip's funeral are among the newest string of allegations around lockdown-busting gatherings in Downing Street and Whitehall.

Reports in The Telegraph suggest advisers and civil servants gathered after work for two separate events on April 16, 2021 - the night before Prince Philip's funeral.

The two parties were held to mark the departures of James Slack, Mr Johnson’s former director of communications, and one of the PM’s personal photographers, from Downing Street.

But who is James Slack? Here's everything you need to know.

Border Telegraph: 'Double Downing Street party' night before Queen buried Prince Philip. (PA)'Double Downing Street party' night before Queen buried Prince Philip. (PA)

James Slack - Daily Mail past and Downing Street party

James Slack, the former director of communications for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, admitted partying on the eve of Prince Philip's funeral in the midst of strict Covid restrictions. 

On April 16, the country was banned from indoor mixing - meaning just 30 mourners could attend the celebration of life for the longest-serving consort in British history.

But over in Downing Street, there was at least one party - a leaving-do marking James Slack's departure to become deputy editor-in-chief at The Sun.

Hours later the nation watched as Her Majesty sat alone for her late husband's funeral in St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

The alleged lockdown-breaking Downing Street parties reportedly saw staff drink alcohol into the early hours, The Telegraph reports.

Mr Slack has confirmed his leaving party did take place and has since admitted he is "deeply sorry" for the event.

In an emailed statement issued by The Sun’s publisher News UK, Mr Slack said: “I wish to apologise unreservedly for the anger and hurt caused. This event should not have happened at the time that it did. I am deeply sorry, and take full responsibility.”

One other party is alleged to have taken place, according to reports in The Telegraph, celebrating one of the PM’s personal photographers who was also leaving.

Before James Slack became Boris Johnson's director of communications, he was a journalist working for the Daily Mail.

Mr Slack is said to be behind one of the most controversial headlines on the Daily Mail's front pages, "Enemies of the People".

The 2016 headline and article focused on three judges who ruled that the UK Government would require the consent of Parliament to give notice of Brexit. 

James Slack was officially announced as the Prime Minister's next official spokesperson on Feburary 10, 2017 - working for Theresa May before Boris Johnson.

In March 2021, Mr Slack left his role at Downing Street and became deputy editor-in-chief at The Sun.