KEN Bruce "crashed the internet" with his first show since leaving the BBC

The veteran Scottish broadcaster, 72, left BBC Radio 2 in March to join the commercial radio station and brought the incredibly popular daily quiz with him for the show as he had kept the rights.

This meant there had been a four-week gap without any PopMaster on Radio, the longest such break in the quiz's history since 2007, caused by a temporary ban on radio phone ins at the BBC.

Border Telegraph: Ken Bruce kept the rights to PopMaster which allowed him to bring in along to GHRKen Bruce kept the rights to PopMaster which allowed him to bring in along to GHR (Image: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire/PA Images)

Fans were keen to get their fix of the quiz, but some ran into disappointment when trying to listen in on the Greatest Hits Radio website.

Greatest Hits Radio website crashes

Initially, so many listeners tried to get on the service to hear the return of PopMaster that they caused the website to crash.

One listener shared on Twitter: "2 minutes until #Popmaster and the Greatest Hits app crashes."

Another joked: "Ken Bruce has crashed the internet, apparently. #popmaster", while another said: ‘Popularity of Popmaster and Ken’s first day has crashed the app!"

Eventually, people were able to get in to hear the first PopMaster of the new era and people were very happy to hear Bruce back on the radio.

One user on Twitter wrote: "Great to hear Ken Bruce back on air with Greatest Hits Radio, a broadcasting legend who brings #PopMaster with him.

"Can’t help but think the @BBCRadio2 listening figures have plummeted since they boffed off Ken and Steve Wright."

Meanwhile, newsreader Oliver Morgan posted: "Listening to @RealKenBruce’s first link … it’s like he’s never been away! Legendary broadcaster at the station where musical legends live on … what a way to start the first week of April!"