Whether you drive short journeys or take longer trips, you might be wondering if new or part-worn tyres are better for your car.

Since the cost of living has increased, the idea of buying cheaper tyres could be more tempting as the nation tries to save money where possible.

Motoring experts at ATS Euromaster have shared some tips for drivers who are looking to buy second-hand tyres.

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Are new tyres better than part-worn tyres?

Since tyres are arguably the primary safety feature of your vehicle, ATS Euromaster strongly recommends replacing your tyres with new ones.

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Drivers should avoid replacing their tyres with used or part-worn tyres.

TyreSafe carried out an inspection of 50 part-worn tyres and more than half of them were unsafe.

The research found that 63% of them to be unsafe to be on the road.

While buying second-hand tyres will help reduce the cost, it’s important to remain safe when out on the road.