ELDERLY tenants of a local housing complex can't be faulted for horsing around this week.

Eildon Housing’s Riverside House in Peebles welcomed a couple of unusual guests – two miniature Shetland ponies called Wilson and Eduardo.

The equine visit was organised between staff at the complex and John and Elaine Sangster from Therapy Ponies Scotland.

Elaine told us: “Our miniature ponies offer great therapeutic benefits to people of all ages, especially for those with poor mobility, or co-ordination, partially sighted or suffering from depression, anxiety or have learning disabilities.

"They are intuitive animals who respond to the emotions of people around them.

"The opportunity to touch, or stroke or just be in their presence can evoke a truly positive response.”

Wilson and Eduardo's visit proved hugely popular.

Residents enjoyed cuddling and stroking the ponies throughout the day with the visit prompting plenty memories and and lots of discussion.

Tenant Barbara Graham said: “Many years ago, I was a judge of long-haired cats when I lived in Zimbabwe but I love all kinds of animals.

"When I was living in Africa I owned a variety of pets including cats, rabbits, fowl and even a monkey called Pepo which I inherited from a friend.”

Fellow tenant Emily Nairn added: “Today’s visit has been wonderful and most unusual.

"I have never seen anything like it before - but it has been a really great way to bring everyone together.

"I really hope that they can come back another time.”

Kathleen Ewart, who is a co-ordinator at Riverside House, helped arranged the event for the tenants.

She said: “Today has been a wonderful experience for us all.

"Even some of our tenants who were unable to join us in the lounge got an extra special visit from the ponies as they were able to go in the lift - so nobody got left out.

"Special thanks to John and Elaine for bringing Eduardo and Wilson to visit us.

"Even after the visit, our tenants have been chatting about how much they enjoyed meeting the animals.”