DESPITE the wet and windy conditions, the Manor Water Sheep Dog Trial, the Grand Show of Sheep and the Manor Open Hill Race were well attended on Saturday, with plenty of participants from around the Borders taking part in the many events.

There was a strong field, and some new faces at the sheep dog trials at Woodhouse Farm, M Magnuson took first prize with Sally on 86 points, A Temple with Ross came second with 85 points, followed by Davie Wallace with Box in third with 84 points, P Howe with Mirk finished forth with 80 points.

In fifth, Julie Hill with Molly completed the trial with 79 points, following by M McTier with Mac in sixth with 75 points, J Hastie with Cree in seventh with 79 points, and A Temple with Jan in eighth with 78 points.

The Perpetual Challenge Cup went to M Magnuson.

The sheep show which followed was also well attended, the pens were full, despite competition from other sheep events on the same date and the driving rain.

Meanwhile, the runners were out in force and battled the dreich weather for the Manor Open Hill Race.

Now in its 25th year, the race has established itself as a permanent fixture on the hill running calendar.

Secretary Niki Craig said: “John Harkin made the trip over the water from Ireland to judge the Black Face Sheep and John Smellie judged the Prime Lambs, and the Mules, both Judges did a great job in the poor weather conditions.

“The committee who work hard to make this event a success would like to thank the Manor WRI for providing the catering, and serving throughout the day.

“Many thanks to the Two Degree’s for providing social refreshments and entertainment, to our sheep judges, John Harkins, John Smellie, to our dog trial judge Andrew Dickman, and course director Brian MacFarlane and his assistant Davie Wallace.

“Thanks to Sarah Moffat who presented the prizes on behalf of the committee. Also thanks to our sponsors, Scott Motors, Meikle Fencing among many others, and to Graham Irvine Plant Hire for the new designer toilet facility.

“A truly great, but very wet day was had by all.”