A PEEBLES adventurer is hoping to reach the top of the brewery game after narrowly failing to conquer the world's highest mountain.

Murray Campbell came within 450 metres of becoming the youngest ever Brit to reach the summit of Mount Everest back in 2002.

The 38-year-old qualified lawyer went on to climb many of the other high Himalayan peaks and also complete the world's toughest footrace, the Marathon de Sable.

He also raised $50,000AUD for charity by cycling from Perth to Sydney in 20 days.

But now he's hoping to go the distance with his new company, Campbell's Brewery, after opening at the start of last year in South Park Industrial Estate.

Murray said: "My aspirations were unpretentious - it’s all about creating a series of cask and bottle-conditioned ales that stand out for their quality ingredients and quality production.

"No jiggery pokery, no complex or madcap inventions, just simple, well-made, great-tasting beer.

"I began seriously thinking about a brewery last Christmas and started applying for licences in the first few weeks of last year.

"Everything was signed off by mid March and just a couple of weeks later we had our first beer going into the pubs."

Ahead of opening the eight-barrel craft brewery Murray's first appointment was Isaac Knowles-Gruft as his head brewer.

The Canadian-born former assistant brewer at the Black Isle Brewery perfected a flagship blonde ale in the first few weeks at Peebles.

And the first batches of Gunner Blonde Ale were met with enthusiasm and praise from beer drinkers around the country - including from former Scotland rugby stars Gary Armstrong and Craig Chalmers.

Gunner Blonde Ale is now available on tap most weeks at over 140 bars in the Borders and Central Belt.

After calls for Gunner in a bottle, Campbell’s Brewery recently began bottling the brew to meet demand.

The success of Gunner Blonde Ale has also led to a new ale being developed over the past few months.

Slightly darker and far hoppier, Flintlock is a golden ale full of flavour and lower in alcohol.

Murray added: "It has been a great first year for Campbell's Brewery and the bottling has been just as big a success.

"I gave bottles of Gunner away for free to potential customers and every one of them came back with orders.

"As we expand at Campbell's Brewery we want to have four core beers and create seasonal ales as well.

"I'd like to think we can raise a glass to 2018 like we have to our first year in business."

Prior to opening Campbell's Brewery in Peebles Murray operated a letting agency in Edinburgh and also, with business partner Miles Craig, established Green Field Marquees in 2004, which has honoured contracts with some of the biggest events in the country, including the British Open.

He continues to live just outside Peebles with his wife and two children.