BUILDERS are being called back to Selkirk's £31 million flood defences after cracks were discovered on some sections.

A recent inspections has found that concrete copings along parts of the flood walls need replaced.

Contractors RJ McLeod, who finished the two-year scheme at the end of 2016, are being summoned back to the banks of the Ettrick over the coming weeks.

Project engineer Andrew Dinnet said: "The concrete copings on certain sections are failing and the contractor is coming back to do the work again.

"RJ Mcleod believe the temperature was too cold when they poured the concrete and that has led to the cracking."

It is understood the riverside sections which lead to the northern footbridge will require repairs.

RJ McLeod bosses have also been requested to re-landscape areas around Victoria Park and Raeburn Place as well.

And complaints from residents on Corbie Terrace has also forced flood bosses to agree to a fence being moved.

Mr Dinnet added: "Some areas which were originally landscaped aren't in a good way and will require further work.

"This will all be done when the contractors come back to the site.

"There are issues with the fence at Corbie Terrace and the fence will be moved nearer the footpath to prevent the problems with visibility."

Despite the recently identified problems, flood defence bosses were congratulated on the appearance of the riverside area during Common Riding morning.

Selkirkshire councillor Gordon Edgar said: "I would personally like to thank the staff for cutting the grassy areas and making sure the riverside was looking good for the Common Riding."