A SELKIRK businessman is so angry about delays in repairing a dangerous wall close to the town's high school he's about to rebuild it himself.

For close to two years the wall on Hillside Terrace has began to erode and fall apart.

Many fear the entire structure is ready to crash down the seven-foot drop to its rear.

And every day hundreds of children pass by on their way to school.

Trunk roads agency Amey has denied responsibility for the wall which runs for around 40 metres next to the A7.

A property firm which owns the field behind the structure has also denied ownership.

And Scottish Borders Council has said it has nothing to do with them.

Kevin Crawford, who recently joined the town's community council, believes there could be a death or serious injury to a child before any action is finally taken.

And he is now preparing to go in himself and carry out the repairs.

Mr Crawford said: "There is a serious risk here of a child being killed or seriously injured.

"I am so frustrated how these repairs never seem to get done.

"I have four businesses and the only way I can run them is to do things when they need done.

"I am willing to go down there myself and repair the wall if that is what it takes to keep our children safe."

Mr Crawford hopes to be on site as early as next weekend to prepare the field behind the wall for scaffolding.

And he will recruit local stonemasons in the town to help carry out the repairs.

He told us: "It's not my wall, but according to the owner of the field and Amey it's not theirs either.

"I have scaffolding which can be used and I will strim the field down before erecting it over the coming weeks.

"Hundreds of children are at risk and this needs to be done now.

There's a seven foot drop behind that wall - what would happen if a child fell through the wall?"

The wall problem was raised again at this week's meeting of Selkirk Community Council.

Community councillor Ian King said: "We have been discussing this for some time and seem to be getting nowhere."

A similar wrangle over ownership of a roadside wall in Yarrow Terrace led to a four-year stand-off before finally being settled by lawyers.

Selkirkshire councillor Gordon Edgar told Monday's meeting: "Scottish Borders Council won't fix the wall as it is not their responsibility and it would set a precedent.

"This is between Amey and the owner of the field - but I can see another legal argument taking place like the one we had at Yarrow Terrace before a solution is found."