SELKIRK'S community cop has vowed to ticket parking pests who are blocking the town's temporary bus stances.

Contractors have created two new bus drop off points - outside both of the town's banks - as work continues in and around the Market Place.

But PC Conal McEwan was told at this week's meeting of Selkirk Community Council how cars are regularly being left in the new bays.

And that there have been several incidents of tailbacks due to busses picking up and dropping off passengers on the main carriageway.

Selkirkshire councillor Gordon Edgar said: "We need enforcement badly just now.

"The laybys which are for busses are being used by drivers to park their cars and there's nowhere left for the busses to go."

The temporary bus laybys will eventually be replaced by designated stops as part of the reconfiguration of the town centre.

But the works are expected to take a further six months.

Community councillor Kevin Crawford said: "These laybys are just encouraging laziness. People would rather park there than have to walk from the main car park."

The meeting was told of lengthy tailbacks on the A7 and down West Port as busses have been unable to access the temporary stops.

PC McEwan said: "A ticket will be issued to anyone caught parking in the bus areas.

"There is limited space just now and it is up to all of us to park our vehicles responsibly.

"Not only does this block the highway for other vehicles but it could also prevent a emergency services vehicles getting to an incident."