A TOWERING disabled man from Selkirk has swam all the way to Gattonside to find a comfortable seat.

Michael Bunyan was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour in 2003.

After enduring gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy he had a stroke four years later which left him completely blind and physically weak down his left side.

The 22-year-old is also partially deaf.

Michael, who stands at six foot four inches tall, took on the challenge to swim eight miles during the summer in a bid to buy a better fitting recliner chair for his respite care home in Gattonside.

Support for the challenge was so great he's managed to buy two.

Mum Susan told us: "Michael wanted to raise money to buy a comfortable recliner chair for when he is at his respite care home.

"They have recliner chairs already but none that were comfortable for someone of Michael's size.

"His fundraising was so well supported, especially by the Selkirk Incorporation of Hammermen, that he was able to buy two chairs instead of one!"

Every week Michael would complete 40 lengths during two visits to Selkirk Swimming Pool.

And he quickly racked up the required 512 lengths - which equated to the eight miles between his home in Selkirk and the Gattonside respite centre.

During the swim Michael raised a staggering £2,600.

Susan added: "Chrysties of Hawick gave Michael a great deal, so he was delighted to be able to buy two chairs for the respite care home.

"One will go in the quite room and the other in the sitting room."

Michael has previously fundraised with a sponsored water tread to raise thousands of pounds for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children and cancer charity Clic Sargent.

He also raised money for Equibuddy two years ago, when he lead the Junior Rideout through the streets of Selkirk.