A WARNING has been issued to dare-devil youths in Selkirk to stop climbing the clock.

Several times in the past month teenagers have been spotted scaling the scaffolding which currently surrounds the Town Hall.

Restoration work to the historic building and its 30-metre high steeple began in October and is expected to continue until the spring.

But local police are regularly being told of youths attempting to climb up the works scaffolding.

Community officer Conal McEwan said: "The workmen are putting away access ladders every night but the youths are shimmying up onto the lower levels and climbing from there.

"It's all very well showing off to your mates but these youngsters could die if they fall from the heights they are climbing to.

"They are daring each other to climb the town clock and it needs to stop."

Police patrols were called to the clock tower on the evening of Saturday, December 2 at around 8.40pm.

And again during the early hours of Saturday, December 16, officers were sent to the Market Place.

PC McEwan added: "Officers got there as quickly as they could on both occasions but the youths were gone by the time they arrived.

"It is important we let these youths know they shouldn't be up there."

Selkirk's townhouse and steeple was built between 1803 and 1805.

It originally functioned as a courthouse where Sir Walter Scott dispensed justice from the bench.

The building now doubles up as a museum and a civic hall for receptions.

The ongoing refurbishment work is part of the £1 million Selkirk Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme improvements to the town centre.

Selkirk community councillor Jim Stillie said: "It should be impossible for these young people to gain access to the scaffolding.

"It worries me that they can get up there."