The Met Office has issued two yellow weather alerts for heavy rain and flooding for much of Scotland this week.

The leading meteorological organisation issued the warnings for around 6pm today (Tuesday, September 19)  until 8am tomorrow (Wednesday, September 20).

The alert is in place for parts of the lower Highlands, much of Stirlingshire and areas around Loch Lomond.

There is also another warning in place for parts of the Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway.

Met Office warns homes could flood in parts of Scotland

The Met Office says: "Heavy rain may lead to some flooding and disruption to travel."

It added that a few homes and businesses could become affected by flooding with bus and train services expected to take longer.

Spray and flooding could also impact roads, making car journey times for motorists longer across parts of Scotland.

What does a yellow weather warning mean?

According to the Met Office, yellow weather warnings are used for conditions that may cause some low-level impacts including disruption to travel.

It adds that many people may still be able to go about their daily routines.

However, other yellow weather warnings are used for conditions that could cause severe impacts on a smaller number of people.

Find out more about your local weather forecast on the Met Office website.