SIR, I have just returned from a trip to northern Spain where there are marvellous roads. I thought that country was poor and Scotland rich. Is it a question of priorities?

The road surfaces in Galashiels are a mess with potholes and many deviod of white lines - and we haven’t had recent bad weather to blame. Has the council run out of paint?

I found a not long ago diversion rather precarious with parked cars and the road missing centre guide lines.

Is this new six million pound building to house the tapestry at Tweedbank being pushed through by the nationalists on the Council directed by their political masters in Edinburgh?

Surely money needs to be applied for the benefit of the people who live in the Borders.

We need a smooth road network throughout; towns that I mentioned in a previous letter obviously require upgrading; many shops and buildings still empty - a depressing sight; and I would be happy to take councillors on a tour of litter, weeds, and grotty shrubs which are highly visible.

Do any of them ever go walkabout?

If the Council wishes to attract tourists and new residents it needs to do more about it and this has nothing to do with housing a tapestry.

There are a large number of great attractions already in existence. We do not want a substantial financial burden for the future.

I am, etc.

Dorothy Crombie Galashiels