SIR, Adorned in wool pin-striped trousers (£865), a gown and a horse hair wig (£2000) provided at public expense, a sheriff on £129,579 per year dispenses sartorial advice to a young man: “if you turn up to court in shorts again you will be held in contempt of court. It is completely unacceptable.” The Judiciary of Scotland website gives a “few tips for good courtroom etiquette”, including being “dressed appropriately”. In the six year period when Stephen Gough, the “Naked Rambler”, was exposing Scottish courts to public ridicule, he was held in contempt of court just once.

Sheriffs should not expect people to dress as they do, and they certainly must not allow people’s appearance to affect their judgements.

I am, etc.

Alastair Lings Tweed Road Galashiels