For over 130 years, Ladhope Recreation Ground has been used as a golf course which has been shared with the community. That is very much an arrangement that golfers have accepted.

However, over the last few years, walkers have become more inclined to walk on the golf course rather that using the Council maintained paths around the perimeter of the course. With so many blind spots on the course it can be difficult for golfers to see walkers and the last thing that we golfers want is to hit someone with a golf ball. Having been hit by a golf ball on more that one occasion, I can assure you it is pretty sore, let alone extremely dangerous! There have been several occasions recently where dog walkers in particular have been walking up the middle of a fairway completely oblivious to the fact that golf was in progress on that particular hole. Although there are signs warning of this on the approaches to the golf course, it would appear they are being ignored.

In the hope that recreational walkers are reading this, can I urge them, for their own safety, to use the paths around the perimeter of the course and not walk on the golf course proper. I would also ask that dog walkers do the same and that they keep their dogs under control (preferably on a lead so as they don’t pick up the golf balls) and to pick up dog dirt should their dogs foul on the course.

I am, etc.

G.S. Forsyth President, Galashiels Golf Club.