SIR, I feel I must correct a few inaccuracies in your article concerning the Wynd Theatre in Melrose.

The contract to buy the building is from my company, The Rodgie Gallery and Print Ltd, and as managing director feel obliged to set the record straight. The purchase is not as reported by my eldest son Kerr who works and lives from his studio in London.

Our intention and planning application is to refurbish the frontage and adapt the inside to provide a large studio space and private gallery - not public as reported.

featuring many Scottish artists including my wife Lynn, whose work alongside my son Kerr is nationally successful.

This will be a commercial enterprise to provide workspace for our family business which is Borders-based and our brand is well known throughout Scotland and the UK.

Our intention has never been to create animosity towards the residents of Melrose or indeed to this particular drama group.

The building as you reported has had mixed use in the past 100 years or so and only recently was tried as a theatre. The theatre group has had a couple of years to table an offer but has not actually done so.

Indeed before our interest there were two closing dates set on the property and the drama group hasn’t offered to purchase it, so it would seem their tactics are to prevent anyone developing it without formally making a bid.

There are already multiple venues for the arts accross the Borders. Melrose uses the Corn Exchange alongside dramas featuring in Earlston High School and St Mary’s; St Boswells has a brand new Lottery Funded refurbished hall that lends itself perfectly well to the arts; Peebles has The Eastgate; and so on.

The theatre was closed when we agreed to purchase it and the sellers seem keen to sell the property and move on,its been on the market for over a year but hasnt hosted a drama for much longer, our intention to provide a local and visitor attraction despite today’s economic climate should be supported by the council and also by the community, we are not some absentee landlord preventing local crofters here, there is many buildings vacant around the borders which could be adapted indeed with better access and parking for a micro theatre.

Lastly, the property itself is not listed, niether as a building or as a theatre. In 1995 there was a successful planning application granted for a studio gallery, so it would seem very unfair of your newspaper to encourage objections to our private application.

The last curtain was drawn on the Wynd Theatre and our business did not pull the cord.

I am, etc.

Ken Rodgie Managing Director The Rodgie Gallery and Print Ltd