In 1938, Billie, who died in May last year, aged 100, rode 29,603.4 miles – 35 times the distance from Land’s End to John O’Groats – and still holds the women’s world record for the greatest distance cycled in a single year. At the time, Billie wrote that she wanted one million more women cyclists because she saw it as an overwhelming energising experience. Today, that sentiment is truer than ever as cycling is empowering women not simply through its health benefits, but also by giving them the freedom to travel and control over when and where they go.

Organisations such as Belles on Bikes are growing in number as women come together to organise bikes rides, training and maintenance instruction. The Billie Fleming Tribute Ride 2015, which recreates Billie’s tour of Scotland from the Borders to Aberdeenshire, is just one activity where we can demonstrate the joys of cycling and I would encourage everyone to get involved.

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