I am looking for information on Joannes Wyllie, born near Kelso, who captained one of the most successful blockade running paddle steamers during the war. I am looking for more information on Wyllie, particularly photos that might still exist with family members.

He was the Master of the blockade running ship Advance (once the Clyde steamer Lord Clyde), which was built in Glasgow in 1862, sailed for the blockade in 1863. Made numerous runs through the blockade until captured in September 1864. We have a lovely image of a painting of the Advance which is in the display.

Wyllie himself did not have any children, but his older brother did. James Wyllie was a farmer in both Coldingham and Galashiels for most of his life and some family members might still live in the area.

Joannes Wyllie himself was a farmer in Fife until his death in 1902 and a similar local appeal has yet to turn up any further details.

We are keen to speak to your readers to see if they can help us gather more information on a Scottish man called Joannes Wyllie, also known as John Wyllie or Wylie, who was born near Kelso, who went on to be captain of one of the most successful blockade running vessels of the American Civil War.

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