ATHLETES of the future from the Galashiels, Earlston and Selkirk cluster areas competed in the annual Mini Olympics last week with primary six and seven children from 17 schools all vying for points at Tweedbank Sports Centre.

Overall scores from nine track and field events were tallied up at the end of proceedings to decide the winners of the Small Schools Cup (for schools with a roll of less than 115 pupils) and the Large Schools Cup.

This year’s event saw a slight change in format with the winners and runners-up of each discipline being invited to compete in the Borders Athletics Competition which will take place next Monday (June 25) from 4pm to 6pm at the same venue.

Winning the Small Schools was Lilliesleaf Primary School while Earlston Primary School took the Large School title.

Despite not winning Pe teacher Laura Gavin admits her St Peter’s Primary pupils still benefitted from the competition.

She told us: “Once again the Mini Olympics was a huge success.

“This is a great opportunity for primary school children to participate in a variety of athletics disciplines.

“The pupils at St Peter’s contributed a lot of time and effort at our after-school club to prepare and thoroughly enjoyed the event itself.

“They are now brimming with excitement at the thought of challenging themselves at the Borders Finals.”

The event was organised by charitable trust Live Borders with Active Schools Coordinators Gemma Ross, Karen Cornwall and Lesley Kerr being supported by the Primary PE staff from all 17 schools that entered.

Others involved, before and during the event, were Neil Renton from Sports Development, Live Borders staff from Tweedbank Sports Centre, parents, schools staff, students and senior pupils.

Karen Cornwall said: “What a fantastic turn out from the schools in Galashiels, Selkirk and Earlston and great to see so many parents come along on the night to support the children.

“Thank you to all the PE staff, school staff, parents, Live Borders staff, students and senior pupils who supported the event.

“All the athletes showed great sportsmanship on the night and were a credit to their schools.”


Long Jump

Boys: 1, Rowan (Knowepark); 2, Sam (Tweedbank); 3, Craig (Melrose).

Girls: 1, Sophie (St Boswells); 2, Charlie (St Peter’s); 3, Kruthika (Earlston).

High Jump

Boys: 1, Robbie (Earlston); 2, Omar (Burgh); 3, Nairn (St Peter’s).

Girls: 1, Abby (Earlston); 2, Fabienne (St Boswells); 3, Molly (St Peter’s).


Boys: 1, Jack (St Boswells); 2, David (Westkirk); 3, Lewis (Clovenfords).

Girls: 1, Aela (Knowepark); 2, Emily (Lauder); 3, Abbie (Clovenfords).

Shot Putt

Boys: 1, Oliver (Knowepark); 2, Matthew (Newtown); 3, Isaac (Lauder).

Girls: 1, Amy (St Boswells); 2, Yumna (Earlston); 3, Jena (Lauder).

60 metres race

Boys: 1, Logan (Melrose); 2, Shae (Earlston); 3, Lewis (Burgh).

Girls: 1, Evie (St Peter’s); 2, Luisa (Lilliesleaf); 3, Freya (Knowepark).

150m race

Boys: 1, Addison (Tweedbank); 2, Fraser (St Boswells); 3, Brodie (Melrose).

Girls: 1, Marti (Lilliesleaf); 2, Ava (Melrose); 3, Becky (Newtown).

300m race

Boys: 1, Finlay (Burgh); 2, Nico (Lauder); 3, Jay (Earlston).

Girls: 1, Neve (St Boswells); 2, Hannah (Newtown); 3, Lucy (Clovenfords).

600m race

Boys: 1, Ross (Earlston); 2, Matthew (St Boswells); 3, Lennon (Burgh).

Girls: 1, Isla (Burgh); Jessica (FH/Heriot); Abigail (St Peter’s).


Boys: 1, Melrose; 2, Earlston; 3, Burgh.

Girls: 1, St Peter’s; 2, Earlston; 3, Burgh.


Small Schools: 1, Lilliesleaf (117 points); 2, Newtown (105); 3, Clovenfords (102).

Large Schools: 1, Earlston (198); 2, St Boswells (196); 3, Burgh (170).