NO fewer than 11 records were smashed this week at the annual Scottish Borders Schools Athletics Championships at Tweedbank.

Over the past year or two more and more local young athletes have been making the breakthrough at national level.

And this improvement in standards across almost all distances and disciplines was evident on Tuesday with many eye-catching performances.

Despite Earlston High pupils setting five new Championship records during competition, they couldn't prevent the dominant Peebles High retaining both the overall title as well as the Relay Championship.

After all the scores were tallied Peebles High were crowned champions with 589 points, Earlston High were second with 520 points and Galashiels Academy third with 510 points.

It was the same order in the Relay Championship with Peebles earning 64 points, Earlston 57 and Galashiels Academy in third with 56 points.

Peebles High's S3 girls 4x100 metres relay team, fresh from success at the Scottish Schools championships, broke the Borders record in their heat with a time of 51.95 second.

Although slightly slower in the final with 52.30 they still won by over 30 metres from Kelso High and Berwickshire High.

In the individual events Earlston High's Finn Douglas not only broke the S2 100 metres record with a time of 11.38 seconds, but he also set a new S2 200 metres championship best with a time of 23.41.

Peebles High's Michael Girdler went even faster to set a new S3 200 metres record with 23.18 seconds.

Ewan Purvis from Earlston High was the impressive winner of the S2 400 metres with a new Championship record of 55.07.

And the records kept falling as Charlotte Clare sprinted home to claim the Senior 800 metres for Peebles High in a time of 2.15.36.

Perhaps the least surprising new record came in the Senior Long Jump where Scottish champion Ellie O'Hara reached 5.87 metres.

Her long jump victory came just after Ellie had also landed the High Jump title and the 100 metres.

Berwickshire pupils came to the fore during the field events with Keira Waddell reaching a new Championship best in the Senior Javelin with a throw of 42.82 metres.

But it was Peebles High's Jessica Mitchell who set a new record distance in the S2 Javelin with a throw of 30.45 metres.

There was still time for two more track records to fall in the final individual events as Earlston High's Callum Tharme clocked 4.12.20 in the Open 1500 metres.

And in the girls Open 1500 metres, Katie Rourke set another Championship best for Earlston with a time of 5.02.78.


S1 Boys Relay: 1st Peebles 53.46, 2nd Earlston 57.48, 3rd Galashiels 58.03

S2 Boys Relay: 1st Earlston 50.70, 2nd Peebles 51.81, 3rd Hawick 54.66

S3 Boys Relay: 1st Peebles 48.77, 2nd Kelso 49.48, 3rd Galashiels 49.50

Senior Boys Relay: 1st Peebles 47.89, 2nd Earlston 48.23, 3rd Galashiels 48.78

S1 Girls Relay: 1st Earlston 57.98, 2nd Galashiels 59.39, 3rd Peebles 60.06

S2 Girls Relay: 1st Earlston 55.65, Galashiels 58.76, Hawick 58.94

S3 Girls Relay: 1st Peebles 52.30 (51.95 NR), 2nd Kelso 57.59, 3rd Berwickshire 58.50

Senior Girls Relay: 1st Peebles 51.25, 2nd Galashiels 56.36, 3rd Earlston 57.12

S1 Boys 100m: 1st Finn Colledge PHS 12.59, 2nd Sam McAneny GA 13.17, 3rd Calum Shiel JGS 13.63.

S2 Boys 100m: 1st Finn Douglas EHS 11.38 NR, 2nd Finlay Douglas HHS 12.4, 3rd Archie Chalmers PHS 12.88.

S3 Boys 100m: 1st Michael Girdler PHS 11.34, 2nd Ben Lyle KHS 11.61, 3rd Max Reid GA 12.12.

Senior Boys 100m: 1st Keiran Clark EHS 11.62, 2nd Sam Archibald PHS 11.92, 3rd Fergus Johnston GA 12.00.

S1 Girls 100m: 1st Eva Harris PHS 13.91, 2nd Emily Martin BHS 14.31, 3rd Isla McGurk SHS 14.56

S2 Girls 100m: 1st Brogan Beattie EHS 13.04, 2nd Lauren Nightingale PHS 13.56, 3rd Zoe Blair JGS 13.81.

S3 Girls 100m: 1st Mia Downie PHS 12.68, 2nd Megan Morris EHS 13.62, 3rd Anna Petty KHS 13.66

Senior Girls 100m: 1st Ellie O’Hara PHS 12.49, 2nd Brodie Cowan JGS 13.72, 3rd Molly Paterson EHS 13.97

S1 Boys 200m: 1st Jamie Fairbairn PHS 27.26, 2nd Sam McAneny GA 27.31, 3rd Josh Coulter KHS 28.56

S2 Boys 200m: 1st Finn Douglas EHS 23.41 NR, 2nd Finlay Douglas HHS 26.26, 3rd Calvin Simpson PHS 26.82

S3 Boys 200m: 1st Michael Girdler PHS 23.18 NR, 2nd Callum Clark EHS 25.51, 3rd Cameron Thompson KHS 26.32

Senior Boys 200m: 1st Keiran Clark EHS 23.92, 2nd Sam Archibald PHS 24.04, 3rd Kasper Dluzak EyHS 24.50

S1 Girls 200m: 1st Mackenzie Crick GA 28.68, 2nd Annique Varty EHS 30.53, 3rd Carys Runciman BHS 30.59.

S2 Girls 200m: 1st Brogan Beattie EHS 26.80, 2nd Nairne Wells PHS 29.01, 3rd Shelle Fojcik JGS 29.84

S3 Girls 200m: 1st Annabelle Murray EHS 27.74, 2nd Sophie Smith JGS 29.50, 3rd Manika Hammersley EyHS 29.68

Senior Girls 200m: 1st Rianna Sterricks PHS 27.13, 2nd Brodie Cowan JGS 28.37, 3rd Molly Turnbull GA 28.97.

S1 Boys 300m: 1st James Clare PHS 44.02, 2nd Ritchie Mitchell GA 46.70, 3rd Archie Barbour KHS 47.00

S2 Boys 400m: 1st Ewan Purvis EHS 55.07 NR, 2nd Gregor Collins GA 57.09, 3rd Murray Aiken PHS 59.41

S3 Boys 400m: 1st Matt Reid GA 55.98, 2nd Maxwell Drummond PHS 59.15, 3rd Calvin Adeosun BHS 60.57

Senior Boys 400m: Euan Hood PHS 52.25, 2nd Robbie Wilson EHS 58.14, 3rd Jake Shepherd GA 61.84

S1 Girls 300m: 1st Elspeth Panter EHS 48.43, 2nd Mackenzie Crick GA 48.44, 3rd Kate Harvie PHS 49.09

S2 Girls 300m: 1st Erie Archenhold EHS 45.40, 2nd Maisie Ballantyne HHS 47.53, 3rd Zoe Blair JGS 47.72

S3 Girls 300m: 1st Imogen Lewis PHS 43.00, 2nd Annabelle Murray EHS 43.81, 3rd Emma Bruce GA 46.57

Senior Girls 300m: 1st Ailsa Innes PHS 41.29, 2nd Danielle Lockie EHS 44.90, 3rd Molly Turnbull GA 46.40.

S1 Boys 800m: 1st Ewan Christie EHS 2:23.06, 2nd Ritchie Mitchell GA 2:32.96, 3rd Ewan McInally PHS 2:36.50

S2 Boys 800m: 1st Gregor Collins GA 2:11.81, 2nd Matthew Flannigan EHS 2:26.50, 3rd Cameron Mackay PHS 2:29.44

S3 Boys 800m: 1st Jay Coltman PHS 2:19.31, 2nd Casey Bunker GA 2:26.84, 3rd Andrew Barlansky EHS 2:29.81

Senior Boys 800m: 1st Euan Hood PHS 2:03.07, 2nd William Taylor EHS 2:13.50, 3rd Fraser Clyne HHS 2:14.28

S1 Girls 800m: Esme Minto PHS 2:44.67, 2nd Robyn Hogg JGS 2:46.72, 3rd Elspeth Panter EHS 2:47.62.

S2 Girls 800m: 1st Maisie Ballantyne HHS 2:35.77, 2nd Georgia Wood JGS 2:41.84, 3rd Erin Dundas EyHS 2:47.32

S3 Girls 800m: 1st Hannah Little PHS 2:34.73, 2nd Emma Bruce GA 2:40.46, 3rd Jaye Clark JGS 2:46.19

Senior Girls 800m: 1st Charlotte Clare PHS 2:15.36 NR, 2nd Sarah Davenport JGS 2:35.98, 3rd Hannah Miller GA 2:42.14

S1 Boys High Jump: 1st Rory Stanger HHS 1.36m, 2nd Daniel Adeosun BHS 1.36m, 3rd Myles McLaughlin PHS 1.33m

S2 Boys High Jump: 1st Daniel Paton GA 1.48m, 2nd Finlay Douglas HHS 1.42m, 3rd Warren Pettie PHS 1.39m

S3 Boys High Jump: 1st Ewan Blyth EHS 1.60m, 2nd Ramsay Leitham PHS 1.53m, 3rd Lewis Knaggs HHS 1.53m

Senior Boys High Jump: 1st Kerr Smith GA 1.77m, 2nd John Brotherston EHS 1.56m, 3rd Bernardo Rato BHS 1.53m

S1 Girls High Jump: 1st Kate Harvie PHS 1.33m, 2nd Elspeth Panter EHS 1.25m, 3rd Mackenzie Crick GA 1.20m

S2 Girls High Jump: 1st Sarah Archibald BHS 1.35m, 2nd Kris Dodds GA 1.35m, 3rd Wendy Guiney PHS 1.31m

S3 Girls High Jump: 1st Imogen Lewis PHS 1.55m, 2nd Ellis McKean HHS 1.43m, 3rd Jessica Donald EHS 1.43m

Senior Girls High Jump: 1st Ellie O’Hara PHS 1.43m, 2nd Megan Campbell PHS 1.35m, 3rd Catrina Howell EHS 1.35m

S1 Boys Long Jump: 1st Harrison Nicol PHS 4.28m, 2nd Ben Robertson EyHS 4.05m, 3rd Ryan McMichan HHS 3.84m

S2 Boys Long Jump: 1st Gregor Collins GA 4.92m, 2nd Calvin Simpson PHS 4.29m, 3rd Logan Smith BHS 4.22m

S3 Boys Long Jump: 1st Matthew Vitrano GA 5.21m, 2nd Hamish Bell JGS 4.81m, 3rd Callum Clarke EHS 4.72m

Senior Boys Long Jump: 1st Kerr Smith GA 5.27m, 2nd Ross Aiken PHS 4.96m, 3rd Joey Brown BHS 4.89m

S1 Girls long Jump: 1st Kate Harvie PHS 4.48m, 2nd Kacey Tait EHS 4.44m, 3rd Emily Martin BHS 3.99m

S2 Girls Long Jump: 1st Sarah Archibald BHS 4.20m, 2nd Wendy Guiney PHS 4.20m, 3rd Tayler Hemmings EyHS 4m

S3 Girls Long Jump: 1st Keeley Womack SHS 4.55m, 2nd Imogen Lewis PHS 4.44m, 3rd Jayne Clark JGS 4.19m

Senior Girls Long Jump: 1st E. O’Hara PHS 5.87m NR, 2nd Molly Turnbull GA 4.66m, 3rd Anna Changleng EHS 3.89m

S1 Boys Discus: 1st Finn Colledge PHS 22.31m, 2nd Rory Stanger HHS 18.12m, 3rd Michael Lewis GA 18.11m

S2 Boys Discus: 1st David Syme PHS 21.77m, 2nd Fraser McAdam GA 21.33m, 3rd Ashton Asante KHS 20.44m

S3 Boys Discus: 1st Jacob Carter EyHS 25.69m, 2nd Andrew Barlansky EHS 23.51m, 3rd Ben Ballantyne GA 22.64m

Senior Boys Discus: 1st Graeme Thomson EyHS 28.09m, 2nd Padraig Gillan EHS 25.03m, 3rd Max Logan GA 24.01m

S1 Girls Discus: 1st Molly Noble JGS 15.20m, 2nd Khya McGurk GA 5.15m, 3rd Emily Rennie HHS 13.25m

S2 Girls Discus: 1st Emma Hume BHS 19.92m, 2nd Kirsty Stevenson EHS 17.85m, 3rd Cerys Finn PHS 16.94m

S3 Girls Discus: 1st Jenna McMillan GA 18.97m, 2nd Mariks Hammersley EyHS 18.68m, 3rd Amy Ralston KHS 18.35m

Senior Girls Discus: 1st Rosie McLenan GA 19.12m, 2nd Hannah Wilkes BHS 18.45m, 3rd Chloe Aitchison KHS 16.89m

S1 Boys Shot Putt: 1st Connor Whiteford HHS 9.73m, 2nd Finn Colledge PHS 9.59m, 3rd Jay Inglis KHS 9.06m

S2 Boys Shot Putt: 1st Dovdas Kirdaitis EyHS 9.78m, 2nd Robbie Mackay PHS 9.75m, 3rd Robbie Robinson EHS 8.97m

S3 Boys Shot Putt: 1st Ben Ballantyne GA 11.12m, 2nd Lewis Dickson SHS 10.25m, 3rd Elliot Compton EHS 9.94m

Senior Boys Shot Putt: 1st Jake Fairley EHS 10.84m, 2nd Max Logan GA 10.49m, 3rd Graham Thompson EyHS 10.33m

S1 Girls Shot Putt: 1st Nicole Selby EyHS 7.58m, 2nd Lily Warmington KHS 7.57m, 3rd Carys Runciman BHS 6.99m

S2 Girls Shot Putt: 1st Chloe Brown EHS 7.68m, 2nd Jessica Mitchell PHS 7.66m, 3rd Lucy Nichol JGS 7.37m

S3 Girls Shot Putt: 1st Rachel Anderson PHS 8.01m, 2nd Tammie Hunter BHS 7.92m, 3rd Tegan Brooks JGS 7.72m

Senior Girls Shot Putt: 1st Rosie McLenan GA 8.98m, 2nd Keira Waddell BHS 8.53m, 3rd Brogan Dougal EyHS 8.07m

S1 Boys Javelin: 1st Logan Smith BHS 25.33m, 2nd Tom Weir PHS 23.72m, 3rd Stuart Weeks EyHS 23.26m

S2 Boys Javelin: 1st Robbie Mackay PHS 32.46m, 2nd Finlay Rhind BHS 23.92m, 3rd Lachlan Sutton JGS 23.39m

S3 Boys Javelin: 1st Murray Wilson GA 32.64m, 2nd Corey Tait HHS 25.71m, 3rd Ben Rutherford KHS 25.32m

Senior Boys Javelin: 1st Lee Macrae GA 39.38m, 2nd Ruairidh Lindsay EHS 35.16m, 3rd Liam Jones EyHS 26.35m

S1 Girls Javelin: 1st Keira MacGregor BHS 18.05m, 3rd Maisie Maceira SHS 11.49m, 3rd Erin Stephenson GA 9.06m

S2 Girls Javelin: 1st Jessica Mitchell PHS 30.45m NR, 2nd Caitlin Green EHS 18.84m, 3rd Llana Miller GA 15.82m

S3 Girls Javelin: 1st Tammie Hunter BHS 28.85m, 3rd Amy Ralston KHS 22.52m, 3rd Megan Landels HHS 18.29m

Senior Girls Javelin: 1st Keira Waddell BHS 42.82m NR, 2nd Lucy Murray KHS 28.76m, 3rd Hannah Miller GA 22.05m

Open Boys 1500m: 1st Callum Tharme EHS 4:12.20 NR, 2nd Lewis Tharme EHS 4:29.65, 3rd Fraser Clyne HHS

Open Girls 1500m: 1st Katie Rourke EHS 5:02.78 NR, 2nd Maisie Ballantyne HHS 5:24.07, 3rd Emily Carrick-Anderson PHS

Borders Schools Championships

1st Peebles High School – 589 Points

2nd Earlston High School – 520 Points

3rd Galashiels Academy - 510 Points

4th Berwickshire High School – 366 Points

5th Jedburgh Grammar School – 364 Points

Borders Relay Championships

1st Peebles High School – 64 Points

2nd Earlston High School – 57 Points

3rd Galashiels Academy – 56 Points

4th Hawick High School – 40 Points

5th Berwickshire High School – 33 Points