THERE was plenty of reason to celebrate at Melrose Waverley last weekend.

Not only were the club's three recently resurfaced courts officially opened, but there was also an exciting day of finals on the new surfaces.

Council convener David Parker, ably assisted by Provost Willie Windram, was given the honour of cutting the ribbon.

And a large gathering of members turned out to witness the historic occasion.

A spokeswoman for Melrose Waverly told us: "The club’s courts have been closed for weeks recently for complete re-surfacing and re-painting.

"David Parker highlighted the important place in the local community that the club holds and publicly thanked the Landfill Trust for their generous grant towards the costs of the re-surfacing project."

If any proof was needed of the benefit the new surfaces will bring, then the finals matches which proceeded the opening surely provided it.

Throughout an afternoon of aces, line winners and inch-perfect lobs the men's, ladies', men's doubles, ladies' doubles and mixed doubles titles were all decided.

And every final was played out in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

Glen Gordon emerged triumphant to take the Men's singles trophy, while Jessica Bennett lifted the Ladies' singles trophy.

Keith Wylde and David Owen edged the Men's Doubles final, and just as close was the Women's doubles with Jessica Bennett and Britta Kalkreuter emerging as the winners.

The Mixed Doubles title was won by Alison Moore and Colin MacBrayne.