SELKIRK High's first year hockey team are now dressed for success after securing sponsorship from Bowhill.

The rural estate has supplied the girls with new training tops as part of a recently launched community bursary initiative.

The scheme will see more than £1,000 shared between community groups based in or around Selkirk.

Teacher Alan Aiken said: “Selkirk High School is delighted that Bowhill has agreed to help sponsor hockey kits for pupils in the school.

"As a school we are committed to ensuring that all pupils have the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activity, and the money from Bowhill House will significantly help reduce any financial barriers for pupils and parents when they purchase their playing kit.

“This will make it much easier for all pupils to take part in extracurricular Hockey at Selkirk High School.

"Thank you very much to Bowhill for your support and help.”

The first beneficiary was Rowlands Youth Club in Selkirk who received £500 towards the organisation of its fireworks display in the town.

And the second beneficiary of the fund has been announced as the first year hockey team at Selkirk High School with the money being used towards their new season kit.

Helen Currie from Bowhill House and Grounds added: “Community engagement is really important to us so we’re delighted to see our bursary fund benefitting the pupils at Selkirk High School.”